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The Clean Water Coalition is dedicated to improving the water quality in Erie County through Storm Water program projects. Projects will focus on both urban and agricultural impacts to our water resources, practically those in the urban areas that fall into the regulated boundaries. The OEPA Storm Water Small MS4 Permit (Small MS4 Permit pdf) program requires that the urbanized regulated communities follow 6 Minimum Control Methods.

These MCMs include:

Public Education and Outreach on Storm Water Impacts
Public Involvement/Participation
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control
Post-Construction Storm Water Management in New Development and Redevelopment
Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations

The CWC is currently updating the Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP word doc) to develop, implement and enforce Best Management Practices (BMPs) to address each of the 6 MCMs. The members of the CWC will create measurable goals that reflect the goals and values of local communities and Erie County and include them in the revised SWMP.

Storm Water and Construction Sites: Stormwater runoff from construction activities (Construction Site Factsheet pdf) can have a significant impact on water quality. As stormwater flows over a construction site, it can pick up pollutants like sediment, debris, and chemicals and transport these to a nearby storm sewer system or directly to a river, lake, or coastal water. Polluted stormwater runoff can harm or kill fish and other wildlife. Sedimentation can destroy aquatic habitat, and high volumes of runoff can cause stream bank erosion. Debris can clog waterways and potentially reach the ocean where it can kill marine wildlife and impact habitat.

The NPDES stormwater program requires construction site operators engaged in clearing, grading, and excavating activities that disturb 1 acre or more, including smaller sites in a larger common plan of development or sale, to obtain coverage under an NPDES permit for their stormwater discharges. For more information:

General Construction Permit OEPA

Construction posterside 1

Construction posterside 2





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